Published: Thu, September 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Supreme Court allows broad enforcement of Trump asylum rule

Supreme Court allows broad enforcement of Trump asylum rule

As of Wednesday, the Trump administration is formally allowed to implement a brand new coverage denying asylum to migrants on the southern border who haven't sought safety from the United States or different nations.

"Once again, the Supreme Court is allowing a controversial Trump administration policy to go into effect even as the legal challenges to the policy proceed through the lower courts", said Vladeck. It would also put an end to the "caravans" of thousands who trek north from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to reach the U.S., since they must cross through Mexico and - according to the new rule - apply for asylum there in order to be welcomed at the United States border. The administration has said that it wants to close the gap between an initial asylum screening that most people pass and a final decision on asylum that most people do not win.

In the administration's request to fully enforce the rule, US Solicitor General Noel Francisco asked the Supreme Court to issue a stay blocking the injunction while litigation over the issue proceeds because the judge's order interferes with the government's authority to establish immigration policy.

A record number of Central American families have sought asylum in the United States during the past year, and most have been released to await court hearings, thwarting Trump's efforts to curb a new wave of migrants.

The lawful challenge to the new policy has a brief but rather convoluted history.

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White Home spokesman Hogan Gidley talked about the Trump administration modified into once "blissful" by the Supreme Court's resolution, which he talked about rejected an "flawed" ruling by the decrease court mediate. The 9th Circuit again narrowed his order on Tuesday.

On Monday, Tigar issued a new order reimposing a nationwide hold on asylum policy.

The policy is meant to address "an unprecedented surge in the number of aliens who enter the country unlawfully across the southern border and, if apprehended, claim asylum and remain in the country while their claims are adjudicated", Solicitor General Noel Francisco wrote in a Supreme Court brief. He wrote, "While the public has a weighty interest in the efficient administration of the immigration laws at the border, it also has a substantial interest in ensuring that the statutes enacted by its representatives are not imperiled by executive fiat", adding that the injunction "would vindicate the public's interest - which our existing immigration laws clearly articulate - in ensuring that we do not deliver aliens into the hands of their persecutors", as The Texas Tribune reported.

For example, thousands of people are waiting on lists at border crossings in Mexico to claim asylum in the U.S. And more than 30,000 people have been turned back to Mexico to wait out their asylum claims. But it would apply to the majority of asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and elsewhere in South America. They would be placed in fast-track deportation proceedings and flown to their home countries at US expense.

"This is just a temporary step, and we're hopeful we'll prevail at the end of the day. The life of countless numbers of people are at stake". Trump tweeted after the Supreme Court announced the order.

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