Published: Thu, September 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Candidate nominations: where the parties stand on day 1 of the campaign

Candidate nominations: where the parties stand on day 1 of the campaign

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally kicked off what promises to be a grueling election campaign as he contends with sinking popularity and surging challengers on all sides.

The Conservatives also lost Maxime Bernier, who was elected under their banner but quit to start the People's Party of Canada.

The ruling was damning but it didn't appear to move the polls much in the Conservatives' favour, indicating that for them, this campaign is not just about explaining why Trudeau shouldn't be re-elected but also why they should.

"Canada's Conservatives have been ready to go for months", said spokesman Simon Jefferies. "Our local campaigns are energized with volunteers".

Concerns over affordability, health care, climate change and ethics are at the fore.

The Conservatives have already unveiled a handful of policies in that spirit, including a pledge to remove federal tax from home-heating bills and cut the amount of tax paid by people on parental leave.

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Justin Trudeau greets the Liberal supporters at an event where he joined Premier Kathleen Wynne for a by election rally to support provincial Liberal candidate Elizabeth Roy in Whitby-Oshawa's byelection campaign in 2016. "Conservative candidates in 2019 include Indigenous Canadians, LGBTQ+ Canadians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jewish Canadians, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and new Canadians including those who immigrated in the 2000s", according to the Conservative Party's website.

The NDP launched its campaign Wednesday in London, Ont., one of the regions of the province where New Democrats think they'll be able to hold onto seats.

"But we can do that only if we have the courage to take on the powerful interests at the very top".

At the dissolution of Parliament, the Liberals hold 177 seats, the Conservatives 95, the NDP 39, the Bloc 10 and the Greens 2. "It's not something that our party would ever consider at the federal level".

The last federal election in 2015 ran roughly 78 days, a record length for a Canadian political campaign, and saw the incumbent Conservatives lose to the then third-place Liberals in an upset that only became apparent in polls of voter intentions toward the very end of that campaign.

"Ontario Premier Doug Ford has reminded Ontarians what a conservative government can be like", said Robert Bothwell, a professor of Canadian history and worldwide relations at the University of Toronto. She's spent the summer shoring up the national campaign, though she'll launch it from the relatively friendly turf of Victoria, B.C. on Wednesday. Five seats are vacant.

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