Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Mugabe's body leaves Singapore hotel en route to 'hero's' grave

Mugabe's body leaves Singapore hotel en route to 'hero's' grave

The burial was earlier scheduled to hold on Sunday, September 15th in Zimbabwe, but it is not likely to hold again as family members of the deceased ex-president confirmed the development to Zimlive.

"In a the Mountain won't go to Mohammed message carried by Mohadi, Mnangagwa wants Amai Mugabe, on arrival in Harare, to leave President Mugabe's body at One Commando and immediately go see him at State House".

The body of Zimbabwe's former President Robert Mugabe was being returned to his homeland Wednesday to lie in state before his burial in the African nation he ruled for decades.

A plane carrying the former leader and the visiting delegation departed shortly afterwards, his nephew Adam Molai told AFP.

Mugabe died on Friday aged 95 in Singapore, where he had long received medical treatment.

The Zimbabwean delegation arrived on Tuesday and attended a private Catholic mass for Mugabe at the funeral parlour, officiated by a Zimbabwean priest.

Zimbabweans have been divided over how to mourn a former leader once hailed as a liberation hero but who later brutally repressed his opponents.

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The 35,000-seater stadium is where Mugabe took his oath of office when Ian Smith, the Prime Minister under the colonial Rhodesian regime, handed over power.

Mr Mugabe, 95, a controversial leader who ruled his country for nearly 40 years, will lie in state at two different locations in the capital of Harare.

A Zimbabwe state newspaper said his body would return to the country on Wednesday.

The official funeral will be held on Saturday at the 60,000-seat National Sports Stadium in Harare and foreign leaders are expected to attend.

According to the family spokesperson, Leo Mugabe, there has not been any finality on when and where Robert Mugabe is going to be buried.

"Mugabe was a chief and he will be buried in accordance with tradition".

But Mugabe is believed to have told his family that he wanted to be buried quietly with his mother, denying the politicians and generals who toppled him in 2017 the chance to "pontificate" over his dead body.

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