Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
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Drama and protests as UK's Johnson handed defeats ahead of Parliament break

Drama and protests as UK's Johnson handed defeats ahead of Parliament break

Nigel Farage, the far-right leader of the Brexit Party who has failed seven times to be elected to parliament, had offered Johnson an electoral pact on Monday morning, stating that "no-deal" - favouring anti-Europe Conservative candidates - would face no challenge from his own party, which has been rising in popularity.

"And I can tell you this: We're ready for that election".

Brexit, the United Kingdom's most significant geopolitical move in decades, remains in question more than three years since the 2016 referendum, with possible outcomes ranging from an exit on October 31 without a withdrawal agreement to smooth the transition, to abandoning the whole endeavor.

Cummings, the puppet master of Brexit who is cast by enemies variously as an anarchist, Britain's Rasputin or a political vandal, was serene on Tuesday at the centre of the Brexit maelstrom. They want to make sure a no-deal departure is blocked before agreeing to an election, making a vote before November unlikely.

Britain is due to leave the European Union on October 31, and Johnson says the country's delayed exit must happen then, with or without a divorce agreement to smooth the way.

Mr Kinnock was joined by more than a dozen MPs including fellow Labour MP Caroline Flint, former Tory cabinet minister Rory Stewart, independent Nick Boles and Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb at the launch of "MPs for a Deal" in Portcullis House.

"We're going to get a deal, and we'll work very hard to get a deal", Johnson told children during a visit to a school.

Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn said Mr. Johnson had no mandate to push for a no-deal Brexit and that it would be a disaster for the country. "We have something here which is the basic foundation of a perfectly pragmatic deal that we believe can command a majority in Parliament and also begin to reunite our deeply divided country and even at this 11th hour we think there is time to do it".

As sterling markets see-saw on the different Brexit outcomes, Johnson says he can get a deal on the last day of the October 17-18 European Union summit. Politicians including the Commons Speaker John Bercow - who announced he is standing down - registered their protests at Johnson's decision to enforce an unusually long suspension during a political crisis.

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Ministers have said they will respect the law that was passed by parliament, but also that they want to "test to the limit" exactly what it requires.

The government ruled to suspend the parliament's work, which will resume on October 14, after the Queen's speech, Johnson said.

His action will break the "law" both houses of Parliament passed demanding he seek an extension, thus forcing Parliament to take him and his government to court for an emergency judicial review by the Supreme Court the week of October 21.

Johnson acknowledged Monday that a no-deal Brexit "would be a failure of statecraft" for which he would be partially to blame.

"This government will press on with negotiating a deal, while preparing to leave without one", a frustrated Johnson said after the vote.

Leaflets are being printed and parliamentarians will be retracing the route of the summer recess tours of their seats - particularly in Scotland, where so many seats are marginals, and Labour and the Conservatives know they have everything to lose in a snap election.

Speaker John Bercow generated breaking news on television channels when he announced Monday that he would be standing down as Speaker and as an MP on October 31 at the latest.

It is also far from certain that there would be enough support because Johnson has lost his majority and many eurosceptics in his party oppose May's deal for other reasons.

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