Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
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Corbyn attacks PM over 'reckless' no-deal Brexit

Corbyn attacks PM over 'reckless' no-deal Brexit

"We were very, very clear that if people wanted a democratic moment, if they wanted an election, we offered it to the Labour opposition and mysteriously they decided not to go for it", he said.

It is common that the approval of a new law takes several weeks and sometimes even months to pass or be denied, but this time MPs were fighting against the clock, since on August 28th - a week before the Parliament returned to activities - Johnson had requested to suspend, or prorogue, the Parliament from mid-semester to October 14th.

Although Corbyn and other opposition leaders denied Johnson's motion to call an early election in a dramatic night in the House of Commons on Monday, the Labour leader's speech was reminiscent of the party's 2017 campaign which saw them win 30 seats and wipe out the Conservative's majority.

"Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will deliver Brexit by 31 October, no ifs or buts, so we can move on and focus on the issues that matter to people", said its party chair James Cleverly.

"We are ready for that election, we are ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we've ever seen in this country and in this movement", he stated.

The UK prime minister made a decision to send MPs home through October 14, but first tried to call a snap election to ensure his parliamentary majority, but the House of Commons twice opposed that proposal.

His stance contrasts with Jeremy Corbyn's insistence on Tuesday that any referendum must include a "credible leave option", leaving the door open for Brexit voters to support Labour.

"The only way to break the Brexit deadlock once and for all is a public vote in a referendum", he will say.

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The party's deputy chief will say an election on the one challenge of the European Union might not split the deadlock in Parliament.

"There is no such thing as a good Brexit deal, which is why I believe we should advocate for remain".

It is not clear how Watson expects parliament as it is now constituted to make a definite decision on Brexit, when the set of MPs now sitting have only shown an ability to delay and block various routes - from leaving with Theresa May's deal to exiting without a deal.

Mr Corbyn also launched a series of policies on employment rights, vowing to put power "in the hands of workers".

He said: "In my constituency, in the most Labour wards, it was the most Brexit".

Mr McDonnell's claims come a week after Labour, alongside Tory rebels, the Lib Dems and Green Party, passed a law aiming at halting a no deal Brexit.

"So after the referendum, we said right I don't agree with this but we will do our best to make sure the type of deal that we have looks after jobs and the economy". "Elections should never be single issue campaigns".

Labour's Brexit policy has shifted in a series of incremental steps over the past 12 months, from a referendum being one option "on the table", to its preferred route out of the deadlock in parliament.

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