Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Coast Guard rescues all four crew members trapped in capsized cargo ship

Coast Guard rescues all four crew members trapped in capsized cargo ship

Reed said it was so hot inside that the rescuers had to take several breaks, especially before reaching the fourth crew member who was trapped in a room by himself.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #2: Thank you, guys. Those inside "knew where to go" to make those noises, Reed said.

A South Korea foreign ministry statement said Monday that the crew members were alive and isolated inside an engine room. Phillip VanderWeit said: "The expressions on their faces said it all".

DWYER: For now, none of the crew members' names has been released.

The four have been transported to area hospitals.

Complicating issues was the shortage of energy to the ship and its maze of compartments and watertight doorways, Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Luke Clayton instructed CNN.

A salvage team made contact Monday morning with the trapped crew members, VanderWeit said earlier in the day.

Overnight, rescue workers heard tapping sounds coming from inside the ship, near the propeller, CNN reported. Reed said the fire was observed off the ship's starboard side and produced black smoke.

A 60cm by 1m hole was then cut into the hull to rescue them.

VanderWeit told CNN help arrived almost two hours after the first calls came through.

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The capsizing of the Golden Ray in Georgia's St. Simons Sound early Sunday caused fires and smoke, and while the flames are now apparently out, the huge ship is listing at roughly 90 degrees, with more than 4,000 vehicles inside it.

The Nationwide Transportation Security Board stated two of its investigators have been assigned to evaluate the circumstances that led to the ship overturning.

Those rescued were exiting via various parts of the vessel, which posed a challenge in getting them off the ship.

Some crew members were hoisted onto helicopters while others were lowered - in some cases by fire hoses - onto boats, VanderWeit said.

The smoke subsided by Sunday afternoon, but it was still too risky to go inside, as crews hadn't determined whether the fire had yet subsided on the ship's interior.

The Golden Ray which was built in 2017 and is flagged out of the Marshall Islands, was en route to Baltimore.

Position records for the Golden Ray show the ship arrived in port in Brunswick Saturday evening after making the short sail from a prior stop in Jacksonville, Florida.

Groups drilled a two-by-three-foot maintain in three-inch increments and had been in a position to go meals and contemporary water to the three now rescued, in keeping with the Coast Guard. Sailors arrived with only what they were wearing when rescued.

He said he didn't know how long the Brunswick port will remain closed, but removing the Golden Ray "is something that will take weeks to do".

The ship had 24 people on board, including 23 crew members and one pilot, the Coast Guard said.

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