Published: Wed, September 11, 2019
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Apple calls Google’s Project Zero report on iOS malware misleading

Apple calls Google’s Project Zero report on iOS malware misleading

Apple also clarified on its section that the attack used to be "narrowly focused" and affected fewer than a dozen websites that focused on exclaim connected to the Uighur team.

The report claimed that the vulnerability had been open for two years, but Apple said that it had failed to point out the exact nature of the issue, which paints it in a very different light.

Second, all evidence indicates that these website attacks were only operational for a brief period, roughly two months, not "two years" as Google implies.

Google said the campaign began in September 2016 and lasted until January 2018, when their staff discovered the malicious sites and reported the attacks to Apple, which then moved in to patch a zero-day abused in the hacks.

"Project Zero posts technical research that is created to advance the understanding of security vulnerabilities, which leads to better defensive strategies", a Google spokesperson told Wired in response to Apple's statement. Additionally, Apple claims that it was working on fixing the security loopholes before Google even contacted them.

Apple's latest iPhones will be launching in just a couple of days time and when we thought that there was nothing left to be revealed, a new rumour has come out of the woodwork which dispels everything we thought we knew. Anyone still running older versions going back to iOS 10 remains potentially vulnerable.

Amnesty International has detailed what it describe as "an effort by the Chinese government to wipe out religious beliefs and aspects of cultural identity in order to enforce political loyalty for the State and the Communist Party of China".

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A plane carrying the former leader and the visiting delegation departed shortly afterwards, his nephew Adam Molai told AFP . Mugabe died on Friday aged 95 in Singapore, where he had long received medical treatment.

Apple says it fixed the problem shortly after it became aware of it. iPhone users who have updated their phones' operating systems are protected. Apple says that security is always a work in progress and that iOS security is unmatched.

Apple has always prided itself over iOS security and Google's blog post was a serious blow.

Google is used to getting publicly chastised for security vulnerabilities - Android is open source, but Apple has the benefit of quietly patching exploits as it finds them in its closed software.

One week after a Google security research team disclosed an an attempt to hack iPhones, Apple responded with a statement that sharply criticizes the approach taken by Google during the disclosure. Security is also a centrepiece of Apple's first credit card, the Apple Card, which launched last month.

A New Apple TV: This one is pure speculation and there have not been many rumors about this.

While Apple doesn't question Google's findings, it has expressed its unhappiness over the omission of key details in Google's online post.

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