Published: Tue, September 10, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Leaked Pixel 4 Promo Shows Off Astrophotography Mode

Leaked Pixel 4 Promo Shows Off Astrophotography Mode

A leaked promotional video for the Google Pixel 4 has confirmed pretty much every rumor out there about the device.

This revelation comes courtesy of Pro Android, who got their hands on what appears to be a Google Pixel marketing video.

A Pixel 4 commercial leaked yesterday, giving us a decent look at Google's new Pixel line for this year.

The next major update for Google Assistant is essentially expected to get rid of all the barriers enabling you to speak to your phone without having to wait for replies or use invoke phrases.

IPhone 11 launch: Final leaks before the official launch
The new iPhone 11 launch event is almost here, and we're just hours away from hearing everything about Apple's next smartphones. At the low-end of the spectrum, this means that the new " iPhone 11 " will likely retail at around $999, or A$1,579.

By uncovering some more facts inside this, it became clear that Google will try to implement a new toggle feature for enabling display rates from 60Hz to 90Hz only as a developer option. The Pixel 4 will probably include a fullHD+ panel, while the Pixel 4 XL will ship with a QHD+ display. Separately, new live images of the Pixel 4 XL made their way to Reddit, showing the bigger phone in black and a new white colour trim, reminiscent of the black and white "panda" colour on the Pixel 2 XL. Namely, there will be a Motion Mode for taking photos of fast-moving subjects with blurred backgrounds, and a separate mode for snapping photos of stars at night.

The video leak of the orange Pixel is decidedly low-quality, but it adds more credence to the previous leak at least. Google might demo the feature in the Pixel event.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 and a 6.2-inch displayObtained via a source with access to Google's next-generation flagship, a photo has been shared of the Pixel 4 XL running the DevCheck Hardware and System Info app. The iPhone 11 phones are also expected to be available in several colors at launch, with Apple set to unveil everything on Tuesday. Both the phones will feature a 12 MP camera with phase-detect autofocus and 16 MP telephoto lens. Both phones will of course come with the latest version of Android, Android Q.

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