Published: Tue, September 10, 2019
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Kim Kardashian West tested positive for Lupus antibodies

Kim Kardashian West tested positive for Lupus antibodies

"We figured out what the problem is, and I unfortunately had to get put on medication to stop the symptoms ... luckily, right now everything is under control, but autoimmune issues are really scary".

"I feel like having four is so much more zen", she told ET.

But as she played a game with her son Saint, three, later on, her hands went numb.

Kim was left in tears when her doctor, Daniel Wallace, told her the bad news that she had tested positive for the disease, which affects the joints, skin and other organs.

In a later scene, KKW explained that she'd been diagnosed with carpal tunnel a year ago, but that this felt different.

"Lately, my wrists are starting to hurt again but it's definitely a different feeling", she said during the episode. I feel this, like, in my bones. "It's starting to really worry me".

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After Googling her symptoms, she suspected rheumatoid arthritis, and she went to a doctor for a blood test.

"I have a baby on the way, I have law school", Kardashian West said. "It just really can scare you when you start really thinking about how much this is gonna really change my life", she said. "These few days are just torturous".

Kim has often shared her health struggles with her fans, including her struggle with psoriasis and her hard pregnancies. "We're here in NY, it's Fashion Week and I have a test coming up, so I have to stay in and I have to study", she said. While common, lupus is hard to diagnose because numerous symptoms - joint pain, fever, fatigue, rashes - are also seen in other health problems, and the symptoms differ from person to person.

Rheumatoid arthritis also is an autoimmune disorder that affects the lining of a person's joints and can lead to painful swelling, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but new types of medications have improved treatment options dramatically. But we can only imagine what she must have been feeling as she got that phone call - and the excruciating wait that followed.

"You really do get in your head and think about the worst possible things that can happen", said Kardashian. Thinking about the pain in my hands and what it could be is really scary and can get you in a scary headspace.

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