Published: Tue, September 10, 2019
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Debate offers Harris chance to regain momentum in 2020 race

Debate offers Harris chance to regain momentum in 2020 race

This campaign cycle, there are plenty of candidates to choose from.

Bernie Sanders campaign has just rolled out 53 new Endorsements for Bernie for President from the State of New Hampshire. When I got there around 8 a.m., hundreds of party activists were already waiting in line to get inside. Sanders remains a strong draw, something that was clear with the fervent welcome that greeted him as he took the stage for his convention speech Saturday afternoon. Some 9,000 people bought tickets.

Warren, the progressive MA senator, has been just behind Sanders for much of 2019, but has surged ahead of the Vermont senator in a number of recent national surveys, as well as the latest poll of New Hampshire voters. He's been there. He's done that. "I believe history will look back on this presidency as an aberrant moment in time". She's pledged to cross all rich donors off her address book in her 2020 campaign and instead rely on small donations to get her to the White House.

In another question, asked to select every candidate they're thinking about supporting, 61 percent of respondents selected Warren, 50 percent selected Sanders, 48 percent selected Biden, 33 percent selected South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and 30 percent selected Sen. Edmund Muskie (Maine), the acknowledged Democratic front-runner, finished ahead of all other candidates in Iowa and won the New Hampshire primary but in unconvincing fashion. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And in presidential primaries here, neighbors always seem to do well.

Bishop even said, "The 9th district is going to send a congressman with backbone who can stand up to the smears and the lies of the lying fake news media and support the President of the United States as he keeps America great!" She's seen as the ultimate insider-outsider candidate. She does particularly well among Bernie Sanders' supporters: 45% name her as their second choice. She had a Go Blue sticker on her cheek that was hard to miss. Last month in Iowa, the California Democrat dedicated five days in August alone to a bus tour.

Warren, meanwhile, has rebranded herself - from Harvard elitist who checked a box she didn't deserve to check, to Okie dreamer. "I am proud that other candidates are coming onboard", Sanders said.

MOMBOURQUETTE: I am thinking that her message may Modify over a period of time.

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"They tried to do the recession thing, they tried the Russian Federation thing, that didn't work, they tried many other things", Trump said. Her supporters beat those inflatable thunder sticks so loudly as she walked onstage that the applause continued for a solid two minutes before she could begin speaking. But unlike Biden, she shows formidable skill as a politician and self-advocate.

"This is a story of Elizabeth Warren soaring, not necessarily Joe Biden slipping", explained Anthony Salvanto, Director of CBS News Surveys and Elections.

"A lot of people think it'll be easy to beat [in 2020]", he reportedly said.

KHALID: But in general, the convention had a friendly festival vibe. "I think some of the other candidates have great ideas, but I think they're a little bit too polarizing".

In Iowa, Mondale blew away the field, winning almost half the vote and dispatching John Glenn, who was considered his more serious rival.

Voters' second choices are important in fluid races with plenty of candidates, which is true of the 2020 Democratic primaries. While there are some differences between their approaches, they both support Sanders's signature Medicare for All public health care plan, large increases in spending to fight climate change, and programs to cut student debt and expand affordable housing.

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