Published: Tue, September 10, 2019
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73-year-old woman gives birth to twins in India

73-year-old woman gives birth to twins in India

Telangana: A 73-year-old woman in southern India who has given birth to healthy twin girls described motherhood as "the happiest time of my life".

As a result, they often felt stigmatised in their village.

Her husband, a farmer, added, "We are the happiest couple on earth today".

She's a first-time mom, and now the oldest woman in the world to give birth. Because Yaramati had experienced menopause, a donor's egg was fertilized with Rajarao's sperm before it was implanted in the new mother, doctors told the Hindustan Times.

She is believed to be the oldest person ever to give birth.

The doctors expressed their readiness to perform IVF on her as she was not suffering from diabetes or blood pressure.

The girls were born following an IVF treatment and delivered by cesarean section.

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"It's a medical miracle-an achievement of modern medicine", Dr. Umashankar Sanakkayala, who headed the team that delivered the babies, told DPA.

"Being 70 years of age and the father of a teenager, I wonder how will they raise the children and what'll they do when the children reach their rebellious teens!" said Robert Schlesinger "
At age of 80. Umashankar said the couple sought assistance from his clinic in 2018 and he agreed to give them a round of IVF treatment when initial tests showed signs of possible success.

The babies were delivered via caesarian section and will remain under careful observation for the next three weeks. In November 2018, they consulted IVF specialist Dr S. Umasankar at Ahalya Hospital in Guntur.

Mangayamma became pregnant after just a single cycle of IVF, and a team of 10 doctors helped with the pregnancy and delivery.

This, doctors feel, could be a new world record.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that a 37-year-old woman expecting only twins gave birth to five babies.

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