Published: Thu, September 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Vegan woman in Australia takes neighbors to court over barbecue smell

Vegan woman in Australia takes neighbors to court over barbecue smell

A vegan woman sued her meat-eating neighbours for cooking meat.

"All I smell is fish", she told 9News.

Cilla Carden recently spoke about her complaints with her neighbors, who she said constantly barbecue, smoke cigarettes, and make noise in their backyards. "I can't enjoy my backyard".

"I would love to come and bring some meat to put on the grill but I live in Florida".

A Facebook event, titled Community BBQ for Cilla Carden, was created in response to Carden's opposition of the famed Australian cook up.

Carden's neighbour, Toan Vu said he just wanted to "keep the peace" and had removed the barbecue out of his yard and also banned his children from playing basketball.

A Supreme Court Judge and the State Administrative Tribunal dismissed her case and subsequent appeals, however the massage therapist has said she won't give up her fight.

"Ms. Carden's demands were proven to be not reasonable and indeed were to the detriment of the other owners' ability to enjoy their lots in a reasonable and acceptable manner", another neighbor told Nine News in a statement.

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The event has quickly attracted thousands of prospective attendees, with 4500 people saying they are attending while a further 10,000 saying they are interested.

She continued: "It's been devastating, it's been turmoil, it's been unrest, I haven't been able to sleep".

But Ms Carden is undeterred and says she is planning to return to court soon.

Still, Carden will stand her ground: "I'm a good person".

"Don't let Cilla destroy a good old Aussie tradition, join us for a community BBQ, and help Cilla Carden GET SOME PORK ON HER FORK", the event description reads.

"BYO hotdog buns, p.s".

The event is scheduled for October 19.

He explained security cameras would be installed to "obtain vision of any person attending the property", and that vision would be handed over to the police.

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