Published: Thu, September 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Tories lose Commons majority as MP joins Liberal Democrats

Tories lose Commons majority as MP joins Liberal Democrats

In July this year, Johnson, who succeeded Theresa May as Prime Minister, had a working majority of just one in the 650-member House of Commons, but even lost that as a party MP Philip Lee defected to the Liberal Democrats.

His defection means that Boris Johnson no longer has a working majority in the Commons.

Experts say that Johnson may go for fresh elections if he's stopped from achieving no-deal Brexit.

The opposition benches comprise 320, of which the principal opposition, the Labour Party, has 245, followed by the Scottish National Party with 35 and the Liberal-Democrats, which now number 15.

In a statement Dr Lee said: "The party I joined in 1992 is not the party I am leaving today", as he accused the Conservatives of using "political manipulation, bullying and lies". Critics said Johnson's move was a bid to silence MPs.

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In what was seen as a swipe at the Prime Minister's controversial right-hand man, Dominic Cummings, he said: "I am going to defend my party against incomers, entryists, who are trying to turn it from a broad church to narrow faction".

The first time that a Government has been left bereft of a majority since the tail-end of John Major's premiership in 1997, it is further evidence that the Tory party risks an irrevocable split if the PM - and, specifically, his chief of staff Dominic Cummings - continue to give succour to the current divisions. The prime minister immediately said he would call for a new general election.

"Ultimately you have to trust your values, your convictions, your beliefs and I think the more politicians do that in politics the better".

On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered onto the streets across Britain in protest against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament.

The source said the motion would be published before MPs vote on Tuesday so they would know the consequences of voting against the Government. If, by destroying his negotiating position, MPs force an election, then that would take place before the October European Council'.

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