Published: Thu, September 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

This is why Corbyn will not agree to a General Election…. Yet

This is why Corbyn will not agree to a General Election…. Yet

On Wednesday, MPs blocked Mr Johnson's plan for an early election.

Later that night, Mr Corbyn - who has been calling for a General Election for the past two years - and his Labour Party refused to back an October 15th election, with Labour MPs whipped to abstain.

He said: "I think there is only one solution, I think he has become the first, to my knowledge, the first leader of the opposition in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election".

Wales has been told there is growing opposition to an October election among Welsh Labour MPs.

It comes as the government says a bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit will complete its passage through the Lords on Friday.

The government are rumoured to be considering excluding the FTPA from Monday's General Election motion so they would only require a simple majority of MPs in order for it to pass.

Evidence of the Parliamentary deadlock, Mr Johnson's reckless rhetoric - he dismissed moves to block a no-deal Brexit as Mr Corbyn's "surrender bill" - only risks fuelling further electoral division.

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Protesters also filled online forums with a slogan often chanted at demonstrations: "Five key demands, not one less". She said two senior officials would join an existing inquiry into police conduct during the protests.

"If we are right that we are heading for a snap election very soon, the election will be a proxy Brexit referendum".

The prime minister will accuse UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn of "a cowardly insult to democracy" later for not backing a general election.

Setting the scene for a "people versus Parliament" election strategy, the spokesman said: "Boris will argue that it is now time for the people to decide after Parliament has failed them so we can resolve this once and for all".

Chancellor Sajid Javid told the broadcaster he was "sad to see 21 colleagues, 21 Conservatives no longer carrying the Conservative whip, of course I am, these are my friends, these are good people".

He added: "I think the key thing is that the date of the general election is set in a way that does not allow this prime minister any leeway whatsoever to subvert the decision of Parliament".

The Prime Minister has repeatedly claimed progress is being made and told MPs on Tuesday that "in the last few weeks, I believe the chances of a deal have risen".

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