Published: Thu, September 05, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Lords pledge to pass Bill opposing no-deal Brexit by Friday

Lords pledge to pass Bill opposing no-deal Brexit by Friday

Corbyn in response told MPs that Labour wants an election, but that Johnson's proposal for a 15 October poll was "a bit like the offer of an apple to Snow White by the wicked queen".

The parliament then will be suspended later next week until mid-October.

But the European Union says it has not received any credible proposals from Britain and a senior European Union source on Wednesday poured cold water on the idea that a deal could be struck at a summit in Brussels on October 17-18.

Events have spiraled out of his control.

Mr Johnson claims the current session of Parliament is the longest for hundreds of years and ending it would allow him to set out his intention for Government with a new Queen's speech.

Johnson accused his opponents of undermining the government's attempt to strike a new divorce deal with the European Union, and said he would seek a general election if the lawmakers succeed this week, taking his message directly to the people in his bid to deliver Brexit come what may.

Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party, also voted against an election, saying his party "will not be party to the prime minister's games".

"It´s been an honour to represent Orpington (a London suburb) for nine years & to serve as a minister under three prime ministers", Jo Johnson tweeted.

The resignation of his brother piles further pressure on PM Johnson who has lost a series of votes over a general election and Brexit in recent days, which has prompted the expulsion of 21 Tory MPs, destroying what was already a slim majority in parliament.

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Shortly before lawmakers rebuffed the call for a new election, the House of Commons approved an opposition bill created to halt a no-deal Brexit.

But Labour refused to back an election while no deal was still a possibility.

Setting the scene for a "people versus Parliament" election strategy, the spokesman said: "Boris will argue that it is now time for the people to decide after Parliament has failed them so we can resolve this once and for all". Johnson needed the support of two-thirds of the 650 lawmakers in the House of Commons to trigger an election - a total of 434 - but got just 298, with 56 voting no and the rest abstaining.

The maneuvers are part of a head-on showdown between Johnson's Brexit-at-all-costs administration and a Parliament anxious about the economic and social damage that could be wrought by a messy divorce.

"We have also received a commitment from the chief whip in the House of Commons that Commons consideration of any Lords amendments will take place on Monday and it is the Government's intention that the Bill be ready for Royal Assent".

The bill's supporters had feared its opponents in the Lords could try to stop it by filibustering.

"There is very little time left", said Labour Party lawmaker Hilary Benn as he introduced the opposition bill.

The bill would postpone Brexit for three months if lawmakers do not agree on a divorce plan before the October 31 deadline.

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