Published: Wed, September 04, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Google launches Android 10 landing page a few hours from release

Google launches Android 10 landing page a few hours from release

Looking at the statue you can already see the white 10 has been adorned with signature and markings. You now have to pull from the left to go back, swipe upwards to go home, and drag the bar to the left or right to switch between apps. When enabled, system apps and any apps that've been updated to support dark mode will turn the brightness down, helping to save battery life and saving your eyes from being blinded by a bright white screen when it's night time.

There are several more new features baked into Android 10 that we can't cover here.

Google finally listened and has now added a dark theme to Android.

Android 10 could reportedly start rolling out to all Pixel phones from today

Recently, Canadian network Rogers declared Android 10 would be granted to some mobiles on September 3.

According to, these four new Pixel device models - denoted by the listings G020M, G020N, G020I, and G020J - have now also shown up on the Bureau of Indian Standards website as well. There is a new unified privacy menu in the settings, and the system treats your location permission as a special case. Users now have more control over what apps have access to on their devices. With Mainline, Google can implement important security patches without waiting on OEMs and carriers. Rogers has since removed the date, but the information is still available on Telus' site, which says "Android Q + security update" is scheduled for all Pixel phones tomorrow. Those devices will start seeing OTA updates today. If you still don't see it and are desperate for the latest software, you can sideload an OTA or flash a factory image via ADB. Companies like OnePlus and Essential are quick to update phones, but Samsung, LG, and others will take at least 3-4 months to release any updates.

Next Apple Watch may come with sleep tracking feature
Most Apple Watch users probably charge their devices during the night, which is the most convenient time for it. According to code that 9to5Mac found, Apple is bringing sleep tracking to the Apple Watch.

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