Published: Tue, September 03, 2019
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WoW Classic, live today, lets you party in Azeroth like it's 2006

WoW Classic, live today, lets you party in Azeroth like it's 2006

Blizzard says gamers can anticipate a "devoted recreation of the original World of Warcraft", that includes character models, combat mechanics, and skill trees which are still as they had been more than ten years in the past.

In a post on the Blizzard forums (via USG), WoW director Ion Hazzikostas was asked why Blizzard is hesitating on opening up new servers when queues to enter World of Warcraft classic can grow into the tens of thousands.

Individuals thinking about playing WoW Classic should obtain a subscription out of the Blizzard Shop, that costs $14.99 monthly. The event will feature a special raid where players can take on some of the most fearsome bosses in WoW. These events show it. Thank you Blizzard for giving us such an awesome game and for making the old world accessible again.

Classic's Azeroth is both wonderful and unsafe, and its trials will push players to the limit. Among them, some of the most iconic and hated villains in the Warcraft universe, such as Ragnaros the Firelord (Ragnaros the Lord of Fire) and the Archlich Kel'Thuzad (the Arcilich Kel'Thuzad). The publisher filpped the big switch on Monday afternoon and World of Warcraft Classic servers are now live.

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And it's a free switch to the classic mode for current subscribers, too. "We look forward to rediscovering its wonders and challenges together with them, starting today".

World of Warcraft Classic is officially launching today, giving long-time fans a chance to relive the glory days of the MMO while also giving newer players a chance to experience what things used to be like.

Here's a real toast to celebrate WoW's 15 anniversary.

There are also a few other limited-time bonuses that players can claim just by logging into Battle of Azeroth.

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