Published: Tue, September 03, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Vegan woman sues neighbours for using their barbecue

Vegan woman sues neighbours for using their barbecue

A Perth woman is so furious with her neighbours' choice of dinner and she has taken her gripe all the way to the Supreme Court.

"They've put it so you smell fish, all I smell is fish", Carden told 9News.

"I can't enjoy my backyard, I can't go out there" she said.

Carden alleges that her neighbors have been cooking meat and fish in their garden on goal and that it had caused her "undue offence", the BBC reported.

She alleged that wafting smells of cigarettes and barbecues had caused "undue offence" to her in her home in the Perth suburb of Girrawheen, according to a Supreme Court of Western Australia judgement.

An Australian woman has tried to stop her neighbours from using their barbecues by suing them in court, a media report said on Tuesday. She is also frustrated by the sound of the neighbors' children playing basketball and making noise in the yard.

Carden said she just wanted to live her life in peace.

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Carden took the situation to Western Australia's Supreme Court - which sided with her neighbors and reportedly dismissed her case.

When the judge in July handed down the tribunal's judgement, he also noted that she had presented nearly 400 pages for consideration, as part of the appeal.

Cilla Carden has been locked in a legal battle since past year with her neighbors, claiming that the odors have ruined her quality of life at her home in Perth, 9News reported.

"Ms. Carden's demands were proven to be not reasonable and indeed were to the detriment of the other owners' ability to enjoy their lots in a reasonable and acceptable manner", the other neighbor said.

Carden has vowed to continue the fight in the courtroom against Mr Vu and his family.

At least one of Carden's neighbors told 9News that he had already removed the offending barbecue completely in an attempt to keep the peace and had instructed his children to stop playing basketball at their house. "If you want that much freedom move to where there are no other people", another said.

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