Published: Tue, September 03, 2019
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Police say no explanation yet for Texas shooting frenzy

Police say no explanation yet for Texas shooting frenzy

Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke stated that those killed by Ator were ages 15-57.

The suspected gunman in Saturday's mass shooting in Texas had been fired that morning, and called police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation before his attack, USA media report.

Police shot and killed Ator after a shooting rampage in a 15-mile stretch between the sister cities of Midland and Odessa when they tried to pull him over for a driving violation. One of the shots fired by the gunman hit one trooper, and the gunman eventually deserted his vehicle and stole postal service truck where he fired off more shots. Without disclosing the company's name, the sources said that the gunman had been given a sack in the morning of that very day.

In both calls to authorities, Ator did not give any hints he was about to kill seven people, authorities said.

Odessa Police reportedly say both the shooter and his company rang 911 after he was sacked but he left before police arrived. Photos of bullet-ridden cars at various locations across the city have surfaced online, with police saying that are investigating over 15 crimes scenes, including at a vehicle dealership and at a shopping mall.

Seth Aaron Ator, 36, of Odessa, had a prior misdemeanor arrest in 2001, the AP reports, but that would not have been a legal barrier to purchasing a firearm in the state of Texas. Police pursued Ator to the back of a movie theater in Odessa, where they shot and killed him. One of them was Mary Granados, 29, who was working as a mail carrier for the US Postal Service, according to her twin sister, Rosie, and a spokeswoman for the USPS Inspection Service.

The wounded 17-month-old was airlifted to University Medical Center in Lubbock, where she was in satisfactory condition, hospital officials said.

Heightened security in Boston for Straight Pride Parade
Homes and businesses along the parade route also displayed messages of support for the LGBT+ community from windows and doorways. Although things can always get worse, Boston's Straight Pride Parade went about as terribly as expected this weekend.

Davis' family praised doctors and first responders for saving her life.

The law enforcement officers wounded were a state trooper, a Midland officer and an Odessa officer, officials said.

At least three police officers were among the injured, CBS affiliate CBS 7 reported.

"I think you're going to see some interesting things coming along", Trump said without providing further detail.

After it was widely reported that five people had been killed along the way, the death toll rose on Sunday to at least seven people who died from the shootings. He was shot and killed. Her brother, Nathan, also shot, is hospitalized with injuries.

A home believed to be linked to a suspect following a deadly shooting spree on September 1, 2019 in West Odessa, Texas. "You're our heroes and we could not be more proud of you". Authorities have said Ator had no active warrants at the time of the shooting.

Abbott named several similar incidents: the Dallas shootings that killed police officers, then Sutherland Springs, then Santa Fe High School, then El Paso and now Odessa/Midland.

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