Published: Tue, September 03, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Democrats slam Pence for staying at Trump hotel in Ireland

Democrats slam Pence for staying at Trump hotel in Ireland

"Yeah, where would anyone get the idea that Mike Pence is anti-gay?"

"It's like when we went through the trip it's like, "Well, he's going to Doonbeg because that is where his family is from, it's like 'oh, you should stay at my place", Mr Short said. Pence's great-grandmother was from Doonbeg.

Vice President Mike Pence gestures during a joint press conference with the Polish president on September 2 in Warsaw.

"We understand these are complex issues".

Short said advance teams and Secret Service had already done weeks of planning work to secure the site, so they chose to keep the Doonbeg plan in place and commute by plane into Dublin for meetings Tuesday, including coffee with Irish President Michael Higgins and lunch with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner.

"I will be in the United Kingdom meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in just a few days but I think the opportunity to better understand Ireland's perspective and unique needs, particularly with regard to the Northern border, will make us even better equipped to hopefully play a constructive role that when Brexit occurs, it will occur in a way that reflects stability and addresses the unique relationship between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland".

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The White House has said the "family lunch" the US Vice President is attending with the Taoiseach and his partner this afternoon shows that he is not "anti-gay". Welcoming the sixty year old to Ireland, Coveney said, "this is a home from home for you".

Vice President Mike Pence's staff is defending his decision to stay at one of President Donald Trump's properties while in Ireland amid criticism by Democrats that he's enriching Trump at taxpayers' expense.

Mr Pence spoke ahead of his visit about looking forward to celebrating his Irish roots.

The Democratic National Committee tweeted that Mr Pence's choice of hotel meant "your tax dollars: making the Trump family richer".

Speaking yesterday, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said Vice President Pence is a "real friend of Ireland" - adding that he would use the meeting to "spell out" the threat posed to the island by Brexit.

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