Published: Mon, September 02, 2019
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Toddler shot in the face as driver kills seven people

Toddler shot in the face as driver kills seven people

Later, as Trump attended a briefing at the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Hurricane Dorian, he said he is committed to finding ways to "substantially reduce" the frequency of mass shootings by keeping firearms out of the hands of unsafe people, imposing harsher penalties for gun-related offenses, and expanding mental-health services.

Among the wounded was a 17-month-old girl, who was shot in the face, according to officials. Just lips, teeth and tongue... Police said there are "multiple gunshot victims" in West Texas after reports of gunfire on Saturday in the area of Midland and Odessa.

Saturday's shooting came after 22 people were killed at a Walmart store about 255 miles west of Midland in the city of El Paso, Texas on August 3.

The violence started with a traffic stop, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said during a news conference.

One local television station, KOSA-TV in Odessa, evacuated its studio live on air.

At first, authorities had suggested there were two shooters because they thought the man in the mail truck was different from the one in the Honda, police said. The showdown between the suspect and the police saw a police vehicle ramming the suspect's van and a tense shootout between the officers and the gunman. "In a situation like this, prayer is the most important thing".

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This is the second mass shooting in Texas this month. In a missive published online, the suspect said he had driven to El Paso to target Hispanics. He said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is "here now nearly every other week supporting our local and state partners on active shooters". He and his peers scurried to the hotel's ballroom - far from the entrance, no windows in sight. "There were rumours flying that the shooter was at shopping malls, the movie theatre". After the shooting Saturday, Democratic presidential candidates issued statements calling for gun reform.

"It really felt like another El Paso", he said of the moment he found out there was a shooter nearby. "It continues, and you think about it, and you think about it, and you think about it".

President Trump tweeted that he was briefed on the incident, and Gov. Greg Abbott said he would be traveling to the area on Sunday. "And we must do it fast", Abbott said. "We will unite, as Texans always do, to respond to this tragedy", he added.

Texas was hit by one of the state's deadliest shootings less than one month ago.

Trump has suggested that he would support efforts to encourage states to adopt "red flag" laws, which give family members and police the power to obtain a court order from a judge to confiscate firearms from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Vice President Mike Pence said following the shooting that President Donald Trump and his administration "remain absolutely determined" to work with leaders in both parties in Congress to take such steps "so we can address and confront this scourge of mass atrocities in our country".

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