Published: Mon, September 02, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

New Texas laws loosening gun control draw outrage after Odessa shooting

New Texas laws loosening gun control draw outrage after Odessa shooting

The Texas Legislature passed a slew of laws this year that will ease restrictions on guns, including allowing firearms in public places like schools and churches, on rented and leased property and during disasters.

"Some of these laws were enacted to make our community safer", Abbott said at a news conference in Odessa on Sunday.

HB 177 prevents people from being charged for carrying a handgun without a license while evacuating from or returning to an area during a disaster and gives disaster shelters the option to accommodate evacuees with firearms.

- Remove a cap on the number of school marshals who carry guns at public and private schools.

Another mass shooting stunned Texas residents earlier in the month, after a man who released a manifesto aping President Donald Trump's rhetoric killed numerous people at a shopping mall in El Paso.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, informed reporters in Texas on Sunday that he would proceed to work to finish gun violence and that the most recent incident required new approaches.

According to Axios, Texas has been home to 4 of the 10 most deadly mass shootings in history, including the 2017 shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

The Republican-dominated Legislature meets biennially and is not scheduled to convene again until 2021 unless Abbott calls for a special session.

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Later, as Trump attended a briefing on the Federal Emergency Administration Company on Hurricane Dorian, he stated he's dedicated to discovering methods to "substantially reduce" the frequency of mass shootings by preserving firearms out of the arms of harmful individuals, imposing harsher penalties for gun-related offenses, and increasing mental-health providers.

"I am heartbroken by the crying of the people of the state of Texas", Abbott said on Sunday.

It is House Bill 1143 that prohibits a school district from ban licensed gun owners, including employees, from storing a firearm or ammunition in a locked vehicle within a school parking lot.

"I am exhausted of the dying of the people of the state of Texas", the governor said. Too many Texans are in mourning.

HB 2363 updates specifications on how foster parents can store their firearms in a foster home, including putting firearms and ammunition together in the same locked locations. Too many Texans have lost their lives.

The new law allows Texas gun owners to carry a gun for 48 hours after an evacuation order, with or without a license to carry.

SB 535 clarifies laws on possession of firearms in places of worship, stating that licensed handgun owners can legally carry their weapons the same as on other private property. "The status quo in Texas is unacceptable and action is needed".

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