Published: Sun, September 01, 2019
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Dorian is a Category 5 hurricane, with no sign of weakening

Dorian is a Category 5 hurricane, with no sign of weakening

Hurricane Dorian approaches the coast of Florida, this August 30, 2019 NASA handout satellite image.

The National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning for areas near the Sebastian Inlet that includes Grant, Micco, Barefoot Bay, Sebastian, Fellsmere, and Vero Beach. Dorian is expected to slowly move west over the next two days before turning northeast.

Dorian is reaching the northern islands in the Bahamas. But residents should use this time now to go over their hurricane preparedness.

"That does not mean there's not going to be significant impacts from the storm where you expect to see hurricane-force winds lashing the coastline of Florida as soon as Tuesday", he added. "That's devastating for the Bahamas", Graham says.

The storm has also grown in size, now extending up to 45 miles from the center with tropical-storm force winds extending up to 140 miles, the National Hurricane Center says, and radio reports indicate Hope Town in the Abacos has reported wind gusts up to 100 mph. "Lives can not be replaced", he told a news conference on Saturday, adding that 73,000 people and 21,000 homes were at risk to storm surges, which are predicted to reach up to 20 feet (6.1 meters).

The official forecast path for Dorian curves the storm away from the area before it strikes land.

The NHC has predicted that Dorian will move close to Florida's coast on Monday, Sept. 2.

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US officials are warning Americans to be ready as Hurricane Dorian approaches, with the storm reaching Category 5 level and packing 160 miles per hour winds.

Hurricane Michael was the last Category 5 storm to make landfall in the United States, striking Florida last October.

Some locations along the coast may receive up to 7 inches of rain due to Dorian and potentially up to 3 inches may be possible portions of central NC. The storm is about 225 miles (360 km) east of West Palm Beach, Florida.

"We have been for the last few days asking all tourists to leave the island in anticipation of the hurricane", mentioned Kwasi Thompson, minister of state for Grand Bahama.

It is still unclear where hurricane Dorian will hit the state of Florida as its course remains unpredictable.

On Florida's east coast, where Dorian's winds are expected to quickly gather speed, residents were busy stocking bottled water, plywood, and other supplies as fast as they could. Hurricane Dorian changed course slightly on Saturday, possibly putting it on track to hit the Carolinas rather than Florida as forecast. The storm is predicted to ride along the U.S. east coast along Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Around 28,000 Britons people visit the Bahamas annually and the islands have enjoyed a bumper year for tourism.

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