Published: Sat, August 31, 2019
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Pitt says 'Ad Astra' a voyage to redefine manhood

Pitt says 'Ad Astra' a voyage to redefine manhood

Addressing a news conference before the film's premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday, Pitt said that he and director James Gray were eager to explore the theme of toxic masculinity and its detrimental effects. Pay attention to what's happening in Venice and you're sure to have a hint at who might be racking up nominations come awards season in a few months, in addition to getting many ideas for your culture fix this fall.

"Polanski is one of the major directors of his generation, and like "The Pianist, ' 'An Officer and a Spy" is an important film that's both personal and accessible to large audience", said Nicolas Brigaud-Robert of Playtime.

Polanski's inclusion at the prestigious festival has been met with backlash given he was charged with the rape of 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977.

The leading man is at the Venice Film Festival, where he's promoting his upcoming space film, Ad Astra.

Many film fans are still appalled the director's An Officer and a Spy will be part of this year's competition in Venice following its premiere on Friday, and although Polanski won't be attending the launch, he has offered up an interview for the film's press notes, in which he discusses the murder of his pregnant wife and the rape incident that drove him into exile. Picquart, risking his career and life, fought for a decade to free the wrongly-convicted Dreyfus. He pled guilty to the lesser offence of unlawful sex with a minor and served 42 days behind bars but has been a fugitive of the USA ever since, having fled the country after learning that a judge planned to give him a lengthy sentence. "I sometimes find moments I have experienced myself, I can see the same determination to deny the facts and condemn me for things I have not done".

Kelly begging judge to remove him from solitary confinement
Kelly's lawyers filed a motion Thursday (Aug. 29) requesting the Chicago native's "immediate release" from solitary. We think its in Kelly's best interest to stay in solitary confinement till trial starts.

As noted by Deadline, Tyler was also asked about how little time she actually appeared on screen in the film, and pushed back, explaining her character is supposed to walk the line between real and imagined.

He is now suing the Academy of Motion Pictures for stripping him of his membership.

But the controversy has triggered heated debate that has threatened to overshadow the glitzy celebration of cinema. It is also presenting a new film in a sidebar event from director Nate Parker, who was embroiled in a rape trial while still at university.

But she later released a statement stressing that she did not object to the selection of the film.

"I just want to get this film out", Pitt said.

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