Published: Fri, August 30, 2019
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Britain is committed to leaving European Union on October 31 -UK's Brexit minister

Britain is committed to leaving European Union on October 31 -UK's Brexit minister

Johnson and his supporters accuse those opposed to a no-deal Brexit of undermining Britain's negotiating position and its chances of securing last-minute concessions from the EU.

"EU workers are an integral part of our health and social care system and the United Kingdom workforce as a whole", Tom Hadley, REC's director of policy and campaigns, said.

"We need to debate what is happening with Brexit and have full transparency in our response to the evolving crisis in Westminster".

Mr Coveney said: "A no deal would not be our choice, it will not be France's choice and it will not be the EU's choice it will be the choice of the UK Government and the British Parliament collectively if they choose to allow it or indeed to deliberately trigger it no amount political grandstanding or attempts to shift the blame can change this fact".

Last week, Johnson and EU Council President Donald Tusk each claimed the other man would go down as "Mr No Deal". "The events of today inject even more uncertainty to what could happen in the run up to October 31".

The content was nothing new relative to comments Johnson has already made on rejecting the backstop, although our rates strategists note that the wording that post-Brexit laws and regulations of the United Kingdom "will potentially diverge from those of the EU" is harder than the post-Brexit relationship May had sought.

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"But if a compromise can not be found, then we have been clear that we are leaving whatever the circumstances, on the 31st of October", said Barclay, speaking in Paris at a conference hosted by the MEDEF French business organization.

That demand has been rejected by European Union leaders, who've insisted the backstop is necessary unless "realistic alternatives" are put forward.

"Nobody has yet come up with credible arrangements or technical solutions for that matter which could replace those temporary arrangements in the withdrawal agreement and the backstop".

The survey, based on feedback from more than 750 business managers on both sides of the border, showed that fewer than one in 10 businesses had examined the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on supply chains. That's very much a matter for them.

David Frost, the Prime Minister's chief negotiator, briefed European Union officials on the plans today.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also told Johnson on Tuesday that "the EU27 remain open to concrete proposals compatible with the Withdrawal Agreement: respect for the integrity of the single market and no hard border on the Irish isle".

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