Published: Thu, August 29, 2019
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Bolsonaro fuels spat with Macron over Amazon fires

Bolsonaro fuels spat with Macron over Amazon fires

Macron announced and led the debate on the burning of the Amazon rainforest for discussion at the G7 over the weekend, which included leaders from Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Raoni Metuktire, a Brazilian indigenous chief, traveled to the G7 summit to discuss the Amazon with world leaders, and publicly criticized Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro pushed back at global allegations that he was responsible for weakening environmental safeguards in Brazil that have led to farmers, developers and others setting fires to clear land more aggressively this year in the Amazon. Macron said the US supported the aid to South American countries, even though Trump skipped Monday's G-7 working session on the environment. Asked why, Macron said the US leader had bilateral meetings to attend. "We all love the Amazon, but the nine Amazon countries. have sovereignty" over it, Pinera said.

But following a meeting between the governors and Mr Bolsonaro, the government shifted its position on aid.

Jair Bolsonaro and Emmanuel Macron have clashed over the response to fires in the Amazon.

Well-known Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, also posted a video on Twitter "to the French people" in which he apologised, in French, for the "hysteria of Bolsonaro towards France, the French president and the French first lady". The movement on social media saw the hashtag #DesculpaBrigitte and #PardonBrigitte, which translate to "Sorry Brigitte", trend.

As a result, the Sierra Club wants to pressure Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to halt trade talks with Brazil and force Bolsonaro to change its policies that threaten the tropical rainforest.

Some officials are grateful for the much-needed help, and others view it as a colonial token that undermines Brazil's control of its lands. He and his country have the full and complete support of the USA!'

The shocking losses in the Amazon rainforest have prompted intense reactions globally.

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'He had extremely disrespectful comments towards my wife, ' Macron said Monday. It's sad. It's sad for him and for Brazilians.

French President Emmanuel Macron, right, welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Biarritz lighthouse on August 24, 2019 in France. He also labeled Macron's posture as childish.

Bolsonaro liked the comment and wrote: "Don't humiliate the man - LOL".

It had the tagline: 'Now you understand why Macron is persecuting Bolsonaro?'

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has said he will refuse worldwide aid to fight the fires in the Amazon unless French president Emmanuel Macron apologises for "offensive" comments.

Fortunately for Bolsonaro, he can fall back on support in his mutual fan club with President Trump.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro smiles during the ceremony in which Lieutenant-Brigadier Antonio Carlos Moretti takes the helm of the Brazilian Air Force, at Brasilia's Air Base on January 4, 2019. "We're fighting the wildfires with great success", the populist leader, nicknamed "Trump of the Tropics", tweeted Tuesday.

Asked by global journalists about environmental protection of the Amazon at a press briefing on 6 July, he said: "Brazil is like a virgin that every pervert from the outside lusts for".

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