Published: Mon, August 26, 2019
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Solar-panel rooftop fires is the reason Walmart is suing Tesla

Solar-panel rooftop fires is the reason Walmart is suing Tesla

In a joint statement, the firms said they were addressing the concerns.

Just a couple of days after U.S. retailer Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) filed a lawsuit against Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), the two companies stated they are working to address all issues concerning the solar arrays installed at Walmart stores.

Walmart had asked the court to order the removal of all Tesla solar panels from its stores, but now the companies say they're working toward a deal to keep the panels in place, fix them, and begin using them again.

"Together, we look forward to pursuing our mutual goal of a sustainable energy future", said the statements.

Earlier this week, Walmart launched a lawsuit, asking for the removal of solar panels from more than 240 of its USA stores, and claiming the installations had not been completed to proper standards. One location in OH had to be closed for eight days, Walmart said in the complaint.

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Business Insider reports that Elon Musk's Tesla initiated a project in the summer of 2018 called Project Titan in which the company attempted to secretly replace faulty solar panel components across the United States.

However, Walmart claims SolarCity's business model, "required it to install solar panel systems haphazardly and as quickly as possible in order to turn a profit, and the contractors and subcontractors who performed the original installation work had not been properly hired, trained, and supervised". Walmart said Tesla Inc., based in Palo Alto, California, engaged in "widespread, systemic negligence" and "failed to abide by prudent industry practices in installing, operating, and maintaining its solar systems".

Tesla's negligence resulted in fires on the roofs of seven Walmart stores in states from OH to California, Walmart alleges in its lawsuit. However, the fine print on the company's website says there would be a $1,500 fee to remove the panels and for restoring the customer's roof. The optics of Walmart suing Tesla over multiple fires on its store roofs were not good for Tesla.

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