Published: Thu, August 22, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

U.S. drone shot down over Yemen

U.S. drone shot down over Yemen

Officials believe Iran provided Houthi rebels with the missile, which downed the us military MQ-9 drone southeast of Sanaa, capital of Yemen.

Houthi spokesman Yahia Sarie said the MQ-9 type drone was shot down with a locally developed missile which will be introduced to the public "soon", according to Al Masirah TV.

A Houthi military spokesman was quoted earlier by the group's Al-Masirah TV as saying that air defenses had brought down a us drone.

In June, Iran shot down an unmanned American military-surveillance drone over the Gulf of Oman, further damaging the already strained relationship between the two countries.

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US forces have occasionally launched drone and air strikes against Yemen's al Qaeda branch, known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). In three attacks, coalition forces did not attempt to rescue survivors adrift at sea, and many drowned, Human Rights Watch said. One of the officials believes that the drone was taken down by a surface to air missile that was provided to the rebels by Iran, while the other said it was too early to draw conclusions about who was responsible for the event, Reuters reported.

HRW says that the Iran-backed Houthis have also attacked commercial traffic in the Red Sea.

It also called for the United States and other Western countries to "immediately cease all sales and transfers of weapons" to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-led airstrikes have hit schools, hospitals and weddings, killing thousands of Yemeni civilians. The kingdom has claimed that Iran supplied the missiles or at least helped the Houthis manufacture them from parts that were in Yemen before the war. Trump later said he had called off the strikes because it could have killed 150 people.

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