Published: Thu, August 22, 2019
Sci-tech | By Patricia Wade

Spacewatch: India’s moon mission arrives in lunar orbit

Spacewatch: India’s moon mission arrives in lunar orbit

Sriharikota: Recently launched Indian space probe Chandrayaan - 2 took some pictures of the moon before beginning its descent.

After successfully entering the Lunar orbit on Tuesday, Chandrayaan-2 sent the first image of the moon in which Mare Orientale Basin, Apollo Craters has been identified. Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) tweeted the image showing two significant Moon landmarks, the Apollo crater and the Mare Orientale basin.

ISRO also highlighted Mare Orientale basin and Apollo craters in the picture, which are hard to see from earth.

India created history on July 22 when ISRO launched the country's second lunar mission.

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ISRO Chairperson Kailasavadivoo Sivan explained after the crucial operation that it was a great relief and joy to see Chandrayaan-2 enter the lunar orbit successfully. For this, it would have to carry out three more orbit -lowering manoeuvres.

At present, the satellite is positioned in 118 km by 4412 km orbit around the moon. The next lunar bound orbit manoeuvre is scheduled on August 28 between 5.30 am to 6.30 am IST.

He said that the next major event will happen on September 2 when the lander will be separated from the orbiter. ISRO had said it to be one of the trickiest in the mission, the 20-minute manoeuvre, if unsuccessful, would have resulted in the mission bouncing off into deep space.

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