Published: Sun, August 18, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

THQ NORDIC Announces The Return Of Saints Row and Dead Island

THQ NORDIC Announces The Return Of Saints Row and Dead Island

Gunfire Games, established in 2014 by alumni developers from Vigil Games, is most well known for its work on the Darksiders series. Not only will classic THQ properties be making (hopefully) grand returns, but new AA IPs such as Biomutant are also making headway.

THQ Nordic's new interim report has casually dropped a few big announcements on us about some major game series we have not seen in a while.

Recall that a hint of the continuation of the Saints Row appeared in June. So many questions but knowing that a new game is being made should be more than enough, for now. During the earnings conference call, THQ Nordic Group CEO Lars Wingefors revealed that 4A will be working on the next entry in the Metro series. Last year, Koch Media, itself owned by THQ Nordic, acquired the IP for the beloved shooter franchise.

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A new entry in the Saints Row series is now being made by Volition, according to THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors. Ellis worked on TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2, Time Splitters: Future Perfect and even Second Sight while at Free Radical, and prior to that was involved in developing the split-screen multiplayer for Goldeneye 64 at Rare.

THQ Nordic also says that it has "81 games under development" right now, and 47 of those are still unannounced. In 2016, development was transferred to Team Sonic Racing studio Sumo Digital. Dead Island 2 was originally being developed by Yager Development, the developers behind the cult classic Spec Ops: The Line. Fans have been waiting for a new game in the series ever since the fourth game initially launched in 2013 for last-gen consoles.

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