Published: Sat, August 17, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Teen apparently tweets from smart fridge after mom bans electronics

Teen apparently tweets from smart fridge after mom bans electronics

The message Dorothy said out loud to her fridge was tweeted out by her Twitter account.

When her mum took away her phone, 15-year-old "Dorothy" from Kentucky wasn't sure how she would survive.

Dorothy's mother confiscated all her devices and chose to discipline her. Dorothy got too distracted by her smart devices and caused a fire in the kitchen.

Naturally enough, Dorothy's struggle to stay on social media quickly went viral with her follower count rocketing to almost 30,000 followers in the space of a few days.

Her mom took her iPhone on August 5 because Dorothy had been "boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames", Dorothy told New York Magazine . The tweet went so viral that some netizens also gave her hope that she'd be free soon.

Dorothy used voice command on the fridge to craft the tweet that has now gone viral: "I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again". Dorothy told the newspaper she was grounded two weeks prior to the fridge tweet for getting too distracted while cooking and starting a small blaze.

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Scroll through to see the hilarious roller coaster of events in the form of Dorothy's desperate tweets.

Then followed a tweet from Dorothy's account, seemingly written by her mom, which said: "I see that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now". First, she started using Twitter on her Nintendo DS, a handheld video game device.

As a result of the hilarious event Dorothy has now reached Twitter fame with her following jumping from 500 to 33,000 in just 12 days. "I don't have a charger though so i can't be long", she wrote. "I've been bored all summer and twitter passes the time for me", she said.

The next day, Dorothy posted another photo, telling her followers that she's looking for her phone while her mother is at work. A hashtag was created for her #FreeDorothy by teens around the world who felt sorry for her that her electronics had been taken.

She conducted the CBS interview with an iPod, and she doesn't know when she will get her phone back. But LG did confirm their refrigerators have social media capabilities, and the tweet source confirms it was sent from the device. According to The Guardian, the teenager uses her fan account to tweet about singer Ariana Grande.

Eventually, her mother caught on and confiscated all her electronic devices again.

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