Published: Sat, August 17, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Gunman wounds at least 6 Philadelphia police; 2 others freed

Gunman wounds at least 6 Philadelphia police; 2 others freed

Police in Philadelphia have arrested a gunman who sparked an nearly eight-hour standoff after he opened fire on officers serving a warrant for drug crimes, injuring six officers.

Wednesday's standoff started when narcotics officers tried to serve an arrest warrant, but became pinned down by gunfire.

Ross said he was "very intentional and deliberate" with the words he used during the briefing since he was not sure if Hill knew there were two officers trapped upstairs.

Hill's lawyer said his client called him during the standoff, asking for help in surrendering. Johnson then called Krasner, and the two men patched in both Hill and the police commissioner, according to Krasner. "It is rare and highly questionable for a federal prosecutor to publicly attack the local district attorney", said CNN commentator Renato Mariotti, a former us attorney in the Northern District of IL. Ross said he was front and center, watching the drama unfold in a SWAT vehicle during the eight-hour standoff.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner says a suspected gunman fired more than 100 rounds during an hourslong standoff.

"With his hands in the air and a police light illuminating his every movement, alleged gunman Maurice Hill, 36, surrendered to authorities just after midnight Thursday, exiting the north Philadelphia neighborhood home he'd barricaded himself in", adds Fox.

Ross described the situation as a "very volatile" one, in which shooting took place even as he arrived on scene.

Two police officers previously inside were "safely evacuated" by SWAT personnel, Gripp tweeted at around 9:30 p.m. ET.

SWAT officers rescued the officers and three suspects by stealth, without the gunman knowing they had entered the home, police commissioner Richard Ross said.

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He said he told his client he wanted him to live because he has children, including a newborn daughter.

"We're thankful - a little angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower - but we'll get to that another day", he said at the news conference.

All six wounded officers were released from hospital on Wednesday night, one officer surviving after a bullet grazed his head and another after a bullet hit body armor on his back. Police said that Hill had a handgun on him when he surrendered.

Responding to the shooting incident, President Donald Trump lamented the fact that the assailant was allowed to walk the streets freely given his extensive criminal record.

"This guy is clearly a criminal ... he had apparently a long record".

Ross, the police commissioner, told reporters on Wednesday that it took hours before authorities were able to make a breakthrough with Hill.

Philadelphia's mayor says state and federal lawmakers have to act to end gun violence ravaging cities like his after a standoff with a gunman left six police wounded. Six officers were wounded in the ordeal, and the suspect was arrested shortly after midnight, almost eight hours after he first opened fire.

"It's time for the United States Senate to vote on a background check bill, but also not to forget about and not to push off for another day, finally, at long last, a ban on military-style assault weapons which are weapons of war which should not be on our streets", Casey said.

But the attorney did confirmed he had a connection to the standoff. "The other thing is, at that moment as soon as he was apprehended, I thought 'Oh my god, what if they would have killed him?' He was on my phone on speakerphone... if I had listened to my friend get killed by cops, what would that do to me going forward?"

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