Published: Sat, August 17, 2019
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Google to add this new feature to Assistant

Google to add this new feature to Assistant

You can send and receive reminders only from people with are in your Google family group (including children, provided they have an age-appropriate account) or have linked accounts on the same smart speaker in your house.

Editor's Note: Google announced this feature was set to roll out over the next month in English-speaking countries, including Australia, so if you don't already have it, stay tuned.

The reminder system also takes the recipient's location into account, so you can ask the Assistant to remind your partner to pick up something when they leave work, or when they arrive at the grocery store. Users can also see what reminders they have assigned to a person by asking "Hey Google, what reminders have I set for [insert name]". You'll be able able to create reminders with text or voice by using the "Hey Google" prompt. The new update would soon roll out in English in the USA, the United Kingdom along with Australia and the feature would also be available on the Google Nest Hub Max when it becomes available next month.

Assignable Reminders are coming to Google Assistant.

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Google is adding a neat new feature to Assistant - the ability to assign reminders to someone else, like a family member or one of your housemates. Then, the notification will appear on their phone or smart speaker at the specified time.

Google is expanding its reminders feature with something called Assignable Reminders. As Google explains, "if you want to remind Claire to pick up flowers-and you don't know the exact time she'll be going shopping-just say, "Hey Google, remind Claire to pick up flowers when she gets to the San Francisco Ferry Building". If you're anxious about potentially getting inundated with notifications and reminders, you can block anyone from creating reminders for you in your Google Assistant settings.

Here are a few examples of Assignable reminder commands owners can give to their devices sporting the Google Assistant.

And if you forgot what tasks you assigned to someone, you can ask "Hey Google, what are my reminders for Paul?"

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