Published: Fri, August 16, 2019
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Nasty finger-pointing erupts after Miley Cyrus breaks up with Liam Hemsworth

Nasty finger-pointing erupts after Miley Cyrus breaks up with Liam Hemsworth

"Once upon a time, it was made for us/ Woke up one day, it had turned to dust /Baby, we were found, but now we're lost/ So it's time to let it go", she sings on the opening verse of the song.

Miley Cyrus Not Ready To Divorce!

"Slide Away", an ambient, atmospheric pop track, finds the artist singing about "letting go" and moving on from a situation - and a lover - she no longer feels connected with. Fans are so convinced that the timing of her epic breakup is suspect that they're saying the whole thing might be fake - at least partially. Her sisters are supporting her because they want Miley to be happy, but her parents Billy Ray and Tish are disappointed because they love Liam and they were looking forward to having grandbabies. He was always on the road DJing, and I was on the road for work. And so this was like a project to do together'.

"The pictures of Miley making out with Kaitlynn were a little jarring for him".

"I think that my philosophy with the show and in life is just to be authentic", Carter said, adding that "you got to just not look at anything" in terms of negative comments online.

Togetherness: The decision really was about whether for us we'd be able to spend more time together.

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However, a source from Hemsworth's camp told TMZ that the drug allegations are "bulls-t" - and their romance came to an end due to Cyrus' infidelity. 'It is no secret amongst those who knew them. They have grown a lot in the past nine years and are clearly different people now.

Exacerbating the problem: "Brody and Kaitlynn have had issues for years, ' a source said".

Miley and Liam famously met as teenagers while filming The Last Song in Georgia in 2009.

Brody and Kaitlynn announced they were parting ways earlier this month.

A source tells PEOPLE the newly single ladies are "staying together" in Los Angeles after coming home from their recent Italian getaway during which they were spotted kissing hours before PEOPLE exclusively confirmed that Cyrus, 26, and husband Liam Hemsworth had split.

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