Published: Fri, August 16, 2019
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CNN’s Toobin: Cuccinelli Changing Statue of Liberty Poem Is ‘Un-American’

CNN’s Toobin: Cuccinelli Changing Statue of Liberty Poem Is ‘Un-American’

Under a rule unveiled this week, the administration can reject applicants for temporary or permanent visas if they fail to meet high enough income standards or if they receive public assistance such as welfare, food stamps, public housing or Medicaid.

A coalition of 13 U.S. states sued U.S. President Donald Trump's administration on Wednesday, seeking to block a new rule that would drastically reduce legal immigration by denying visas to poor migrants. But there's some confusion over what this new rule will do and how drastic it is.

Poverty and lack of opportunity are two of the main reasons why people emigrate to another country, so these restrictions will certainly impact many in the future who wish to enter the USA and become citizens.

"This rule has been around for a while", he said at one point.

FILE - In this December 10, 2015, file photo, pedestrians crossing from Mexico into the United States at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry wait in line in San Diego. Though lawsuits are already filed against the recent expansion of public charge, the active disregard for the values of the us put into writing in The New Colossus by the Trump administration should be a cause of concern for everyone.

Fox News declined to comment.

The president and his aides "have further stained this country's tradition as a beacon of hope for immigrants", said Hispanic Federation President José Calderón.

He insisted that the poem plaque was placed on the Statue of Liberty at nearly the same time as the first public charge law. He also argued that the "wretched" European migrants did not fall under the restrictions for immigrants under the public charge at the time.

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Eventually, a 1996 bill said the Immigration and Naturalization Service should consider a person's age, health, family status, financial resources, education, skills and ability to secure a sponsor's written support when deciding if he or she would likely become a public charge.

The Trump administration on Monday published new rules vastly expanding the list of public benefits federal immigration officials may take into consideration when determining whether an individual should be allowed to enter the country or obtain permanent residence.

The savings would come from the almost quarter million people expected to disenroll from the expanded list of government programs that could disqualify a legal immigrant's application for permanent residency through a green card.

The rule will not affect people who already have green cards, refugees and asylum-seekers, as well as certain members of the military, pregnant women and children.

In Houston, the Episcopal Church outreach center ECHOS noticed a sharp drop in the number of immigrants seeking out its services after Trump took office in January 2017, a trend that continued with subsequent anti-immigration initiatives, executive director Cathy Moore said.

Tobin said, "It is hard to define un-American but that statement was un-American".

While the "public charge" inadmissibility standard has always been part of us immigration law, the term has not been formally defined in the statute.

Of key concern for advocates is the "chilling effect", a term used to describe the fear and confusion the new regulation will have on immigrant families who may decline to sign up for benefits. So we rate it Half True.

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