Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

WHO says no new Ebola cases in Goma, vaccinates over 1300

WHO says no new Ebola cases in Goma, vaccinates over 1300

She was part of a delegation that went to Gisenyi-a Rwandan city bordering Goma-on Monday where they cautioned the people to limit their cross-border activities.

Jemima Ibrahim, a Congolese trader who sells rice and oil in Rwanda, says the long delays at the crossing are costing her time and money.

The two governments on Tuesday urged against unnecessary travel by their nationals their respective borders to prevent further spread of the highly contagious Ebola virus.

The most recent outbreak has killed more than 1,800 people since past year, according to Congolese health authorities. Despite that incident, Uganda has kept its border with Congo open.

Goma, a lakeside city of almost 2 million people on the Rwandan border, has been on high alert over the past week after a gold miner with a large family contaminated several people before dying himself.

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More than 13-hundred people have been vaccinated in the city of Goma, close to the border with Rwanda, and since the beginning of August there have been no reports of new cases confirmed.

The wife and 1-year-old daughter of the city's first Ebola victim, a gold miner, later tested positive for the disease, the first transmission of the virus inside the densely populated crossroads city.

Earlier, the WHO recommended the implementation of heightened health measures in the DRC, which remains the only affected country in the region.

Ebola is a disease caused by a virus of the same name, and its main symptom is haemorrhagic fever, which causes bleeding in internal organs, vomiting and, according to the World Health Organization, is severe and often fatal, with a fatality rate of up to 90 percent.

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