Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
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Sean Hannity Defends CNN’s Chris Cuomo After Video Of Heated "Fredo" Argument

Sean Hannity Defends CNN’s Chris Cuomo After Video Of Heated

Cuomo told the guy. the name "Fredo" is as offensive to Italians as the n-word is to African Americans. Sure, he may have some expertise on what it's like to either be (or have) a "dumb brother", but someone with German and Czechoslovakian descent, he may not find the same meaning in "Fredo" as does someone who self-identifies as Italian-American. Conservative commentators, including US President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. derided Cuomo's reaction to being called "Fredo" while dismissing the alleged racial connotation of the word. I'm an anchor on CNN. He was the weak brother.

"Any of you Italian?" "It's an insult to your people". It's an insult to your f*cking people. Clearly, the same can not be said for the actual N-word and Black people. "Is that a cool f--ing thing?"

The confrontation appeared to escalate after the man refused to walk back his "Fredo" comment, insisting he didn't mean to insult Cuomo.

Ironically, a clip from Chris Cuomo Tonight has also recently gone viral that shows frequent guest and CNN contributor Ana Navarro calling Don. Jr.

After the man sarcastically told him, "You're a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television", Cuomo reacted, "If you want to play, we'll f--ing play".

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"You know my name is not fucking Fredo", he continued, adding, "own what you said". The host of the channel, Brandon Recor, told The Washington Post that the video was captured at a bar in Shelter Island, N.Y. on August 11 and sent to him by the man in the confrontation.

"I'll fucking ruin your shit", Cuomo ranted. "I'll f-ing throw you down these stairs like a f-ing punk", he snarled, going on to invite the Fredo-user twice to "take a f-ing swing".

Several people then step in between the pair to break up the argument.

Cuomo got some support, including from Fox News rival Sean Hannity, who tweeted Cuomo deserved an apology, and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who said such comments happen "all the time" and they are "quite racist". "Because if it's the N word for Italians like @ChrisCuomo says, I don't understand why Chris seems so at ease with someone saying it here".

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