Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
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Nora Quoirin mystic claims girl was lured away by a genie

Nora Quoirin mystic claims girl was lured away by a genie

"We are appealing to anyone who has information on Nora to help us find her", the distraught mother said.

On Monday morning, a total of 348 personnel were deployed in the search operation, the largest team so far, according to Malaysia's Malay Mail newspaper.

Dogs trained in finding dead bodies are also now being used in the search for Nora.

Quoirin's family arrived August 3 for a two-week stay at the Dusun, a small resort located in a durian orchard next to a forest reserve 63 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur.

Her family had said that due to Nora's illness, she is "very shy and can be quite anxious" with strangers, hence unlikely to wander away from her parents.

In an emotional statement, Nora's mother Meabh said: "Nora is our first child".

He said he believes the spirit - which can take on human or animal form - was attracted to the 15-year-old because she has special needs.

While officially treating it as a missing person case, police say they have not ruled out other possibilities. The search effort has slowly been expanding as the days Nora has been missing slowly turn into weeks.

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Police set up an official hotline on Sunday, where members of the public can call and leave information about Nora's disappearance anonymously.

"She looks younger [than 15], she is not capable of taking care of herself, and she won't understand what is going on", the statement said.

At this stage, there has not been a confirmed sighting of Nora since she vanished.

Investigators have questioned 20 people and said a forensic team was analyzing fingerprints found in the cottage where the girl went missing.

Nora's family also revealed more about her condition, holoprosencephaly, as search crews played recorded messages from her mother, Meabh, through the forest in an attempt to reach the youngster. "Most important now, the child will be released", he said in the video. She is not independent and does not go anywhere alone. She has a good memory but she can not understand anything conceptual.

August 10: Nora's family thanked the search teams involved since the teenager's disappearance.

Around 90 rescue workers involved in the search for missing Irish teenager Nora Quoirin will today focus their efforts on the surrounding jungle and mountain area near the Dusan resort, where she was last seen. We are so grateful for everything that you are doing for us, everyone who is helping here and not from here.

"And thank you so much".

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