Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
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Eddie Murphy's Dolemite Is My Name Aims For Shock And Awe

Eddie Murphy's Dolemite Is My Name Aims For Shock And Awe

Here's the trailer for Netflix's upcoming "Dolemite Is My Name" film, starring Eddie Murphy as Arkansas native.

Moore rode the Dolemite character he created into a successful career that spanned four decades. He then chose to make what became his breakout 1975 cult classic film Dolemite. Moore convinces a social justice-minded dramatist (Keegan-Michael Key) to write down his alter ego a movie, incorporating kung fu, automotive chases, and Girl Reed (Da'Vine Pleasure Randolph), an ex-backup singer who turns into his surprising comedic foil. "I think the great lesson is one can look at a budget that has no money, or perhaps a script that doesn't make any real plausible sense in places, and sometimes those movies need to happen, because sometimes what doesn't work becomes classic material". Not to be deterred, Mr. Moore decides to bring Dolemite to a cinematic setting, though that's hardly an easy endeavor either. However, his ambitions exceed selling bootleg records deemed too racy for mainstream radio stations to play.

The movie is directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) and features Tituss Burgess, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Keegan-Michael Key, Snoop Dogg, and Wesley Snipes. Things begin to take a positive turn for Moore when he links with a social justice-minded dramatist (Keegan-Michael Key) to write a film for Dolemite, involving Kung Fu and high-speed auto chases.

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While Murphy didn't get an Oscar for Jimmy "Thunder" Early in Dreamgirls, this role could snag him that win.

Dolemite is My Name will be in select theaters and on Netflix this fall.

The Coming to America sequel was announced back in January, with Murphy saying in a statement that "after many years of anticipation, I'm thrilled that Coming to America 2 is officially moving forward." .

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