Published: Mon, August 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

‘North Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles’

‘North Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles’

The U.S. and South Korea have scaled down their major military exercises since Trump and Kim's first summit in June 2018.

North Korea on Saturday conducted its fifth ballistic missile launch in just more than two weeks, and seventh in the past two months.

Hours after Saturday's launches, the North's official Korean Central News Agency released a statement denouncing South Korea's recent acquisition of US-made F-35 fighter jets and other plans to expand its military capabilities, saying that the moves deteriorate trust between the Koreas and increase risk of war on the peninsula.

"We expect the DPRK to refrain from any further provocations, abide by its stated commitments, and fully implement its global obligations as determined by multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions". Trump did not give any details about when the two leaders might meet again, but said that he looked forward to seeing Kim in the not-too-distant future.

But a statement from the North Korean foreign ministry called it a "test for developing the conventional weapons".

"They had better keep in mind that this dialogue would be held strictly between (North Korea) and the U.S., not between the North and the South", it said.

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With the 2020 presidential elections on the horizon, Trump has repeatedly downplayed the significance of North Korea's frequent missile launches, claiming these tests use "smaller ones" and not ballistic missiles despite his officials reporting otherwise, the New York Times reported.

Kim "mounted the observation post and guided the test-fire", KCNA said of Saturday's launch, adding that he expressed "great satisfaction" with the result. -South Korea military exercises end.

North Korea's head of state reportedly personally supervised the test from a launching site. Noting that it was "a long letter, much of it complaining about the ridiculous and expensive exercises,"...

The North's new constitutional changes, which show Kim's further consolidation of his already formidable powers, could allow him to act more clearly as a diplomat on the world stage, technically signing a peace treaty with Trump, for instance, or giving speeches at the U.N. General Assembly, analysts say. Trump has gone out of his way to play down the risks and serious nature of Pyongyang's repeated test-firings of missiles. "No ballistic missile tests, no long-range missiles", Trump said.

Trump has changed the debate by adding his own criticism of what he has called "war games" as part of his demands that South Korea pay more for maintaining some 28,500 USA troops on the peninsula. "But right now, it's as if North Korea has a licence to fire short-range missiles", Shin told AFP.

"With regard to our test for developing conventional weapons, even the USA president made a remark which in effect recognizes the self-defense rights of a sovereign state, saying that it is a small missile test which a lot of countries do", Kwon said.

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