Published: Mon, August 12, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

Boris Johnson criticises European Union lack of cooperation on Brexit deal

Boris Johnson criticises European Union lack of cooperation on Brexit deal

Earlier this month, the Sunday Telegraph said Dominic Cummings, Johnson's senior adviser, had told ministers that the prime minister could schedule a new election after the October 31 Brexit deadline if he lost a vote of no confidence.

That's the so-called "no deal" option, which, unless there's a last minute compromise, will happen on the 31st of October.

There are some news wires going around the block with reports in the Times and Telegraph addressing the concerns of a hard Brexit and Boris Johnson's fragile setting as the new PM.

Britain would continue preparing for a no-deal Brexit, he said, but that with "common sense and good will" from the European Union, he still believed it was the case that the chances of such an outcome were a million to one.

Johnson is expected to return to the House of Commons in September after the summer recess to face the Remainer-dominated parliament and likely calls for a vote of no-confidence in the government in order to thwart Brexit.

"What I've always set my heart against is a crash-out and I believe that the work we're doing now will avoid that chaos and provide an orderly Brexit on October 31".

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"Forcing through no-deal against a decision of parliament, and denying the choice to the voters in a general election already underway, would be an unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power by a prime minister elected, not by the public, but by a small number of unrepresentative Conservative Party members", Corbyn wrote.

The IfG said backbenchers have very few opportunities to legislate to stop a no-deal Brexit, and a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not necessarily stop no-deal. He believes a deal is in the UK's and the EU's best interests and he has said he will be energetic in pursuit of a deal.

"There are daily meetings taking place to ensure that we are ready and there are bi-weekly strategy meetings taking place in relation to the negotiations if the European Union is willing to sit down and negotiate".

Just 29 per cent said he should step down so another government could be formed to stop a no-deal Brexit.

"I want to see a deal, so does the Prime Minister".

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