Published: Sun, August 11, 2019
Health Care | By Cedric Leonard

West Nile Virus detected in multiple places in Ada County

West Nile Virus detected in multiple places in Ada County

According to a new report, West Nile Virus neuroinvasive disease incidence was almost 25 percent higher in 2018, as compared to the past ten years.

As of August 6, 2019, a total of 36 states have reported 128 cases of West Nile virus disease to CDC.

St. Joseph County Health officials have confirmed the presence of the West Nile Virus in mosquitoes from South Bend.

In response to the recent positive tests in Yolo County, the vector control district will continue to monitor all West Nile virus activity through widespread mosquito trapping and testing, as well as ground treatments in areas where positive mosquitoes have been found to quickly decrease populations and protect public health, the vector control district reported Wednesday.

Since then, there have been five human cases in the valley.

Interior Health said the risk of infection from handling birds is very low; however, people should not use bare hands to handle wild birds (dead or alive).

Protests in Pakistan-administered Kashmir after India's move
He said India is violating human rights in Occupied Kashmir and reports about killing of innocent Kashmiris are surfacing. Qureshi said Secretary General of UN's statement is in line with our views on Kashmir.

Further, because mosquitoes can also transmit the virus to horses and other animals, horse owners are being advised to contact their veterinarians for information about equine vaccines.

Clothing can help reduce mosquito bites. Limit the number of places around your home for mosquitoes to breed by either draining or getting rid of items that hold water. If you are outdoors at any time and notice mosquitoes around you, take steps to avoid being bitten by moving indoors, covering up and/or wearing repellant. There were no EEE virus positive mosquito samples identified in Westborough in 2018.

Install screens on windows. Fix or replace screens with tears or holes. All adult mosquito control is accomplished using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging equipment and is performed after dusk when the majority of mosquito species are most active.

Dress in long sleeve shirts and long trousers, preferably in light colors.

Wear mosquito repellents containing DEET, according to label directions.

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