Published: Sun, August 11, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

No Man’s Sky multiplayer "Nexus" shines in new trailer

No Man’s Sky multiplayer

After No Man's Sky initially disappointed many players when it launched, failing to live up the hype first started on the PlayStation E3 stage, the team at Hello Games have been doing everything they can to realize its potential through a series of extensive free updates. No Man's Sky always had an online multiplayer element but that could involve simply bumping into another player in the vast void of digital space.

No Man's Sky Beyond launches next week, the third "pillar" in Hello Games' huge space adventure.

Beyond is the culmination of 12 months of work on what was originally going to be three large separate updates.

"For [featured bases] we have the concepts of like most visited, hours that have been played for, all that kind of thing". We know that VR support is one of Beyond's marquee features, and we also know that the update will expand multiplayer.

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The first thing that comes to attention in the trailer is that it explains how absolutely everything in the game is procedurally generated.

New biomes, ships, building components, playable alien races, and what appears to be some form of a centralized hub for players to congregate are hinted at in the trailer as well. Looking at that, it could be something as big as No Man's Sky.

Details about the game continue to be scarce aside from what we've seen in the trailer. Players have previously been able to interact with creatures and collect their poop (you know, for science), so this seems like the logical next step. Beyond will be released next week, and it promises to greatly change the game through the addition of new features.

NEXT marked a pivotal turning point in public opinion as onlookers no longer considered No Man's Sky a dismal failure but instead as the proof of Hello Games' undying commitment to fixing the game.

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