Published: Sat, August 10, 2019
Markets | By Otis Pena

Walmart tells staff to remove signs showing violence, including video game ads

Walmart tells staff to remove signs showing violence, including video game ads

Following last week's frightful tragedy at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas - where an armed gunman killed 22 people and wounded 24 others - the company has sent out notices to employees requesting them to remove "any signing or displays that contain violent images or aggressive behavior" from the sales floor, including "violent games, specifically PlayStation or Xbox units" and electronics department events for "combat style or third-person shooter games", as well as action movie scenes and hunting season videos.

Vice reported that Walmart employees received memos from corporate headquarters asking for the immediate removal of "signing and displays referencing violence".

Walmart is taking down all signs and displays from its stores that depict violence, following a mass shooting at its El Paso, Texas location that left 22 people dead. Two people were also shot at a Walmart store in Southhaven, Mississippi, on July 30.

He added: "We will be thoughtful and deliberate in our responses, and we will act in a way that reflects the best values and ideals of our company, with a focus on serving the needs of our customers, associates and communities".

Some criticized Walmart on social media for the decision to remove the video game signage in the wake of the shootings.

As for the sale of actual guns in Walmart stores, there has been "no change" in the company policy, according to a Walmart statement given to USA Today. Even employees of the world's largest retailer have begun to protest its policy of selling both guns and ammunition.

"They need to take some concrete step with the weapons they sell in their stores".

Attendant removed from flight charged with intoxication
United Airlines apparently didn't get the memo because the woman was sacked and subsequently charged with endangering passengers. A passenger even had to get up and fasten March's seatbelt before takeoff, anxious she would fall over and out of her seat.

"Remove from the salesfloor or turn off these items immediately", reads the letter.

On Friday, several Democratic presidential candidates - Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Julián Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio - called on Walmart to stop selling guns.

Walmart is making changes to the video game and hunting departments, but it's not doing anything new about guns.

The retailer, which has faced intense pressure from Democratic lawmakers and gun control advocates to stop selling guns, will continue to sell firearms.

In 2015, Walmart announced that in response to falling sales and the Sandy Hook shooting, it would end sales of AR-15's and similar guns. It's already stopped selling assault-style rifles, and I think it would take a big dent in its gun sales before we saw any real change.

Second only to the stigmatizing blame placed on mental illness, the most common scapegoat is violent video games.

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