Published: Sat, August 10, 2019
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Misery for commuters as Victoria Line down due to power failure

Misery for commuters as Victoria Line down due to power failure

The power cut was caused after two power stations disconnected from the grid "near simultaneously", the National Grid said, but ruled out any kind of malicious intent or cyber attack.

Almost a million people have been without electricity after a powercut across England & Wales.

National Grid operations director Duncan Burt said Friday's blackout was caused when two power stations failed nearly simultaneously, leading the system to cut off power to some parts of the country in order to preserve the rest.

Western Power Distribution which serves the Midlands, South West and Wales said there had been a "major incident" but all affected customers now had power restored.

Harriet Jackson described an "apocalyptic" scene when she witnessed the power outage in Battersea, London, after leaving Clapham Junction train station at around 5pm.

UK Power Networks took to Twitter to assure people that they were working to fix the issues.

All the traffic lights were down, but there were no police present, which meant it was risky to cross - cars weren't stopping either.

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Passengers were filmed forcing their ways through the barriers in an attempt to get themselves on to the first northbound service after services were halted for several hours.

He added: "This will require careful study to make sure that we do learn any lessons that come out of it and that the next time this happens disruption is minimised and hopefully a lot less than it was last night".

Major power failures have been reported across large areas of the country, affecting trains, airports and traffic lights.

The brief power interruption caused disruptions to a large number of train services, with some traffic lights also shutting down.

"All trains were stopped while our back-up signalling system started up". We believe this is due to a failure to National Grid's network, which is affecting our customers.

Transport for London have confirmed that parts of the tube network, as well as some traffic lights have been impacted by the blackout.

Western Power Distribution shared a similar message, and said they are in the process of restoring power to customers.

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