Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
Electronics | By Kelly Massey

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+

The S Pen, bundled with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is a Low-Energy Bluetooth stylus that now communicates gesture commands with its paired smartphone wirelessly.

U.S. mobile operators announced a raft of promotions for Samsung's just-announced Galaxy Note 10 flagship device, including buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) limited-time offers.

The unveiling of Note 10 and Note 10+ included an on-stage appearance by Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella and an announcement by Samsung that it will be working more closely with the USA maker of the Windows operating systems and related software. The Galaxy Note 10 only has a triple rear camera setup while the Note 10+ uses quad cameras. Samsung's announcements put it squarely in the lead in terms of both design and features, and that's bad news for Apple.

Game-changing new technologies like 5G have created the flawless conditions for experience innovation, Koh said, and Samsung aims to build it into every device it creates and every service it delivers. Samsung says the Note10 also will be able to create those kinds of videos without that fourth camera, relying more heavily on software.

We reviewed the Galaxy Book2 a year ago and found it to be a solid device.

Along with its enormous body, the Note 10 now boasts four cameras including a "DepthVision" camera which specializes in capturing depth of field for augmented reality.

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Interestingly, Samsung has also partnered with Microsoft to enable Windows Live.

From the very beginning, the Galaxy Note has stood for the best-of-the-best technologies and features. The collaboration includes giving Note users the ability to receive and respond to text messages and take phone calls from a Windows computer. The Note 10 has 8GB RAM with 256GBs internal storage, the 4G Note 10+ has 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, and the 5G Note 10+ has 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

It's definitely eye-catching. Samsung says it tips the scales at just 0.96 kg, or 2.12 pounds.

All models come with a single 10MP front-facing camera, which is fair enough as it is a productivity focused device.

Key highlights of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 are one drive cloud storage, integrated outlook app, and unspoiled flow in between mobile and PC.

Microsoft Store: For the first time ever, Microsoft will allow you to pre-order the Note 10 and sell the new Note 10 devices across all its stores, online and in-person. It's a 7nm system-on-a-chip that is capable of 40% faster CPU and 80% faster GPU performance than what users saw in the previously released Galaxy Book 2, according to Samsung.

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