Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
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Hollwood Actor Danny Trejo rescues baby trapped in overturned auto

Hollwood Actor Danny Trejo rescues baby trapped in overturned auto

The US actor has played a number of roles, from gangster to villain, but earlier this week he played a real-life hero when he pulled a baby from a vehicle.

Unfortunately, there was an elderly grandma and special-needs child trapped inside.

"I couldn't unbuckle the seat belt, so she got in and undid the seat belt", he said.

The "Machete" actor was in the area when two vehicles crashed on Wednesday afternoon, CBS Los Angeles reports.

And a third remarked: "Danny Trejo, a true hero".

'He was starting to panic so as a distraction I started yelling we have to use our superpowers, and so I flexed, ' which inspired the boy to also flex his bicep muscle, and calm down. Thankfully, a fellow bystander, Monica Jackson, was able to free the belt from the other side, and they were able to save the baby. "I kept facing him away from the accident", Trejo added.

"The only thing that saved the kid was his vehicle seat", Trejo said. From then on, Trejo has been one of the most notable working actors in Hollywood.

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"Things are so complicated right now that people have to understand that God put us on this Earth to help each other", Trejo said.

"Everything good that ever happened to me has happened as direct result of helping someone else", said Trejo. He said the sedan's driver seemed distracted, and Trejo honked at her to get her attention right before the wreck. I said do this, with the muscles.

According to the LA fire department, three people were taken to hospital after the accident although their conditions were not life-threatening.

The veteran actor, who has appeared in the hit TV crime-drama Breaking Bad and in films including Con Air, Desperado and Heat, said that his fortunes in life have been a result of him paying things forward.

It wasn't a stunt for an upcoming movie.

The 75-year-old Trejo, an L.A. native, is best known for playing the character Machete from the Spy Kids series. The auto, according to Trejo, hit an SUV, causing it to flip over.

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