Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
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Everything you need to know about FIFA 20 VOLTA Football

Everything you need to know about FIFA 20 VOLTA Football

17,000 authentic players, hundreds of teams, and almost a hundred licensed stadiums are all coming together to make this one of the most comprehensive Federation Internationale de Football Association games yet. High morale boosts players' attributes, so picking the right answers and playing the right players are important considerations.

EA have confirmed that there will be new features and improvements for Career Mode.

This is an interesting addition to the game and one that might just set Federation Internationale de Football Association 20 apart from its competitor. Skill moves require less complex button combos and by simply pressing in the flick stick, you can enter and exit ball-juggling with an extra trick, without having to memorise a series of inputs. There isn't even an equivalent FIFA Ultimate Team element, meaning there's no dream team building or packs to open, which leads us on to the good news that. Prior explained that "it's the rare feature that core [players] have been asking for for a long time and, at the same time, it's something we see appealing to casuals because inherently, the nature of street is much more understandable". You'll now have the ability to create and choose from a number of different female characters, and there appears to be an increasingly in-depth customisation and creation tool that was in dire need of a reworking and reimagining after the past few years. It's not yet clear whether this is a linear campaign, or a more branching narrative like we came to expect from Alex Hunter's adventures.

In addition, managers will also be able to talk with players via a "messaging app-like interface", where they'll have to deal with all manner of requests from players - both negative and positive. It's as inclusive as Federation Internationale de Football Association has ever been, and that can only be a good thing. And your created player can, in turn, can be recruited by other teams online.

You can do this or focus on improving the players you have, either way it's very fun.

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Keeping Up Appearances Developing your style is key to street football, so it only makes sense that it plays a big part in Volta. You can doll the lads up in neon pink shorts if it takes your fancy.

That's why Volta Football is built upon the core FIFA engine, because at the end of the day it's still football. We will have more information as we get closer to launch, including a story on the new gameplay mechanics and a final review, so keep checking back for more updates!

Thankfully, that's no longer the case in Federation Internationale de Football Association 20.

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