Published: Thu, August 08, 2019
Global News | By Blake Casey

China threatens countermeasures if United States deploys missiles in Indo-Pacific

China threatens countermeasures if United States deploys missiles in Indo-Pacific

Russian Federation will start the full-scale development of missiles banned by the collapsed Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty if the United States begins to do so, President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

"Despite strong worldwide opposition, the USA chose to withdraw from the INF Treaty".

China warned Tuesday it would take unspecified countermeasures if the United States goes ahead with plans to deploy ground-based intermediate-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific region. "The true aim is to free itself to pursue unilateral military and strategic advantages", Hua said.

If the USA resumes research and deployment of missiles, it will seriously affect the global strategic balance and stability, aggravate tensions and mistrust and threaten peace and safety in related regions, Hua noted.

Fu Cong said that such United States plans cause concern in Beijing. As well as these concerns, there are experts anxious that the US decision to withdraw means that the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) will be next.

"So the USA would be the least to worry if that is the case", Fu said.

"I don't think it is reasonable or even fair to expect China to participate in an arms reduction negotiation at this stage", Fu said.

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Bolton also said the United States is trying to protect American forces stationed overseas and its allies, accusing China of building up its military capabilities and posing a threat. Most European states assumed that nuclear geopolitics was a relic of the past, but now there is a fear that this could be a catalyst for a new arms race.

Joining military alliances amid ever-increasing global instability is simply pointless, Duterte argued, because if a war does break out between nuclear powers, we're all doomed anyway.

"We call on the worldwide community to maintain a clear understanding of the serious consequences of the US' withdrawal and prevent the USA from excusing itself from its special and primary responsibilities in nuclear disarmament".

He stressed that this is the common voice of the worldwide community.

Fu reiterated China's negative response to a proposal for a new nuclear disarmament framework that would involve the country.

Esper, the new Pentagon chief, said Saturday that Washington would like to deploy the missiles "sooner rather than later", speaking to reporters on a plane to Sydney at the start of a week-long tour of Asia. This was significant as it marked the first time the superpowers had agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals, eliminate an entire category of nuclear weapons, and utilize extensive on-site inspections for verification.

He stressed that it is the important guarantee for maintaining global strategic stability, worldwide peace and security, and the worldwide arms control and non-proliferation regime, which will also create the necessary conditions for advancing the multilateral nuclear disarmament process.

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