Published: Wed, August 07, 2019
Markets | By Otis Pena

Flipkart To Add Free Movies, Videos Streaming To Its App

Flipkart To Add Free Movies, Videos Streaming To Its App

How this is going to match up to Amazon's Prime services or even Prime Video is to be seen, but on paper, it is hard to make a case for Flipkart's new offering so far.

Walmart is opening up another front in its battle with Amazon to dominate India's online market-video. More importantly, a partnership would help the duo counter Walmart, which previous year invested US$16 billion in India's Flipkart, in the battle for a bigger share of India's fast-growing e-commerce market. The report also said that the streaming services would be integrated within the shopping app/website to create "stickiness". Flipkart, situated in the southern city of Bengaluru, said it would offer films, short recordings and Web series on its application, however included it won't wander into unique substance at the present time. Of course, every time a Plus member wants to watch a show or a movie, he navigates through the shopping app. Unlike Amazon, Flipkart does not have free shipping or offers under its loyalty program, those are limited to a few products only. The first of those is the production of original content. Hence Flipkart is in plans to start their own streaming platform.

The second source said Amazon had been pondering a proposal to purchase an up to 26 per cent stake in the Reliance unit since at least February.

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However, haven't learnt from mistakes made by the likes of Netflix and Amazon, Flipkart appears to be approaching the video streaming space in a calculated manner. Targeting the next 100 million users is largely pegged as the next phase of growth for ecommerce firms, given that only 50 million of the Indian Internet economy's half a billion users have ever transacted online.

Bangalore-based Flipkart, which Walmart paid $16 billion for a year ago, is counting on the free video offering to help attract its "next 200 million consumers". The service is now in beta mode. However, Walmart and Amazon's rivalry is just as fierce in the USA as it is in India, where Walmart already owns the Vudu streaming service and is reportedly planning to produce original content. The biggest hurdle, experts would say, to join Prime is that customers are required to pay Rs. 1,000 upfront for an annual membership. Once we get more detail we will update it here.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart's CEO will have to watch out for competition in the video business, which is already cluttered.

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